Training is provided for all GVAWL volunteer work. For more information on these jobs and other GVAWL jobs, contact GVAWL at 970.641.1173 or

Animal Care volunteers are always needed at the shelter. A shift in “Animal Care” includes:

  • providing food and fresh, clean water
  • cleaning kennels
  • scooping/changing litter boxes
  • picking up in dog exercise yards
  • loading/unloading dishwasher
  • doing laundry
  • cleaning walls and mopping floors
  • dogs: putting in exercise yards and/or walking
  • cats: playing and petting

Dog feeding/cleaning shifts are 7:00 AM, mid-day, and late evenings.
Cat feeding/cleaning shifts are before 10 AM and before 10 PM.
Play and exercise are any time!

We also need volunteers to assist our community members during Shelter Public Hours and fundraising events. Call us at 970.641.1173 to get involved!

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