We want to place our animals in homes that will be theirs for life, and therefore want to ensure the best animal-human match.  Our adoption process is built to help us do that.

To adopt a pet, you must be at least 18 years old.

To begin, we ask that you thoughtfully consider the following before deciding to adopt.

  • Are you financially able to provide for the animal’s needs? These include: food; supplies such as cat litter, dog chews, carriers/crates; veterinary care; licenses; and training.
  • Have you considered Pet Insurance?
  • What will you do with your pet if you need to travel?
  • Are you able to have a pet in your home, with landlord’s permission if you rent? Is your home “pet-proofed” and safe?
  • Have you considered a growing need for space & resources if adopting a puppy, especially if a large to giant sized breed (mix) puppy?
  • Are you ready to welcome your new pet into your home, with consent of all adults in your household? If you have children, are they ready for an animal?

If you are ready to welcome a new family member, view our adoptable animals now!