How to License your Dog in Gunnison County

Did you know that the City of Gunnison requires all dogs to be licensed? This license doesn’t just give you another tag for their collars, it’s also a way of helping your dog if he becomes separated from your home in Gunnison.

Neighborhood Services or the Gunnison Sheriff’s Department can help you get your dog licensed! Learn more about the city ordinances and requirements from Gunnison Neighborhood Services. Print the Gunnison County Department of Animal Control Dog Tag Application here ahead of time, and don’t forget to provide your dog’s current rabies vaccination certificate at time of licensing.

How to Change Microchip Registration after Finalizing Adoption

Animals that come into the Sue MacAllister Animal Shelter & Adoption Center receive a microchip under their skin that is pre-registered with GVAWL’s contact information. Once adoption is finalized, new owners are encouraged to change the microchip registration information to their own by visiting
Some other great ways to help your pet find its way home faster is to have it licensed with the City of Gunnison (attach Dog License Application link to “City of Gunnison”) or to ask your veterinarian about getting a Smart Rabies Tag (attach link for Smart Rabies Tag to “Smart Rabies Tag”).