Gunnison Valley Animal Welfare League

Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday, December 20, 2018, 6PM

Community Foundation Board Room

525 N. Main

Gunnison, Colorado


It’s a beautiful day to save animals!

6:00 PM – called to order

Review Agenda, call for changes or additions

For approval – ACTION

Board Meeting Minutes – November 15, 2018

6:20 PM – Financial Report – Paula

Motion to approve end-of-October Financial Report- ACTION

Motion to approve end-of-November Financial Report- ACTION

Motion to approve 2019 BudgetACTION

7:00 PM – Reports/Follow up

President – Kathy

Follow up – Review and revise as necessary all policies, procedures, forms, by-laws etc before end of 2018

Operating Procedures – Erika Cheryl, Sue K – working on SOP

Sheriff MOU – Rick presenting MOU to new Sheriff

Pursue MOUs with State Patrol, Park Service, BLM etc

Fundraising and Events – think to 2019

General Current grants in progress

Animal Assistance Foundation – $2,000. Follow-up call – no issue with content of grant, just an issue of funds available (limited regional resources). Suggested we apply for CPOF, which is due Feb 15

County is submitted – Hinsdale County submitted

City is received – $1,560

Wags and Menace – Erika working on submission, so we can move funds into operating account

Remove Shelter Phase 2 donation tab from website?

Discuss reasons and logistics of transferring cats in from out of the valley – SOP?

7:45 PM Manager & Dog CC – Erika

Credit card working properly?

Website mgr issues?

Cat – Sue K

7:55 – Additional Business

Next meeting – January 17

8:00 PM – Adjourn